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2-Axis CNC Brush Machines

Many manufacturers use 2-axis machines to tuft plastic brooms, in these cases, please note that the plastic broom bases should be pre-molded with holes and the surfaces should be flat. Besides, 2-axis machines are also used to tuft small scrubbing brushes and nailbrushes, but it's not suitable to use them to make wood brooms. Want to know more details? Watch our videos!

This is the 2 axis small industrial cylinder brush machine, with the max length of brush block at 1000mm , with the max diameter of brush block at 100mm, attached with independently dust catcher.
This is the customerised machine for flat disc brush according to clients' requirement. It will be drilling holes and tufting filament straightly, with two sets of fixturn on the working table.
This is the 2 axis high speed cloth brush tufting machine, with 4 sets of grimp to fix the cloth brush block in the working table. In one minutes it produce 4 pieces of cloth brush.
1) The WXD-2A5H01, with three drilling head, double tufting head, in Germany style. With special fixture design for cloth brush, there is six sets of gripper in the working table, in each gripper, it can fix 4 PCS of cloth brush block. 2) Drilling
This is 2 axis high speed broom tufting machine, max working speed up to 8 holes per second, with special gripper design, can make wide range of flat surface brush, such as broom, cloth brush, shoes brush, baby brush and so on.
The special tufting machine for outsize disc brush, which not only produce the disc brush, but also the plate brush, strip brush and so on. It is suitable for the clients who professional in industrial brush.
It's best choise for drilling and tufting flat brushes, straightly tufting. Like scrub brushes, clothes brushes,sbrushes with steel wires.
WXD-2A2H02 has two tufting heads, which work simultaneously. It's used to make plastic brooms. The plastic broom blocks must be molded with holes in advance. The tufting method is flat-wire.
It's used to make industrial strip brushes which are 2m long. With four grippers holding four strip brushes on worktable, it drills holes and tufts filaments simultaneously. With servo motors,the maximum speed is 5 holes per second.
It's used to tuft flat plastic brooms, the maximum tufting speed is 6.3 holes per second. Please note that the plastic broom blocks must be molded with holes in advance.
It's used to make those big and long roller brushes with wood or plastic bases. With servo motors, the maximum speed is 5 holes per second, however, for daily use, it's suggested that operator keep the speed at about 3 holes per second, so as not to short
It's used to tuft entrance mats. It can also tuft other brushes with flat surfaces, as long as operator changes grippers. Please note the plastic brush bases must be moulded with holes in advance. It's used only for tufting (filling holes with bristles),
It's a CNC 2-axis tufting machine with new Cam system, used to make scrubbing brushes and other small industrial brushes with flat surface. The tufting mode could be either staple-type(using round wire) or anchor-type(using flat wire), it's optional.
The working table of this scrubbing brush making machine is composed of straight-line guide rail and ball screw with high precision, which is quite stable and durable
With two drilling heads and a tufting head, this 2-axis 3-head brush machine is used to make plastic scrubbing brushes, plastic/wooden brooms and some other brushes with flat-surface.
With a drilling head and a tufting head, this machine is suitable for making brushes with flat-surface, including plastic scrubbing brushes, wooden or plastic broom, and some other industrial brushes.
With step-motor by default; also we could use servo-motor instead, if required by clients. The working table of this broom making machine is composed of straight-line guide rail and ball screw with high precision, which is quite stable and durable.
Operator enters data for toothbrush tufting positions by either "Teaching-Type" or "Digits-Type". On operation interface, operator could insert, delete, adjust, copy, separate and move holes, which is quite simple and convenient.
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