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Read the tips below, they might help you. 1) For plastic broom, of which the plastic base has been molded with holes: If the surface to be tufted is horizontally flat, a 2-axis tufting machine is recommended; If the surface to be tufted is curved
Dear sir/madam, yes, no problem, it'll be our pleasure to arrange the shipment for you, together with our machines...
Those major consumable spare parts for our staple-type tufting machines are listed as below...
Pls check the bristle-picker on your machine at first...
Pls remember to slightly grind the new tufting needle before you use it, so as to let the needle fit the bristle-mouth very well, otherwise the needle which doesn't fit bristle-mouth will easily cause problems during production.
Our factory is located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, generally speaking, we export these brush making equipment from Guangzhou, "Place of Receipt" stated on B/L is Guangzhou...
As we cann't control the relevant charges incurred at destination port, so, we are afraid we cannot offer door-to-door service....
It depends. If the holes are averagely arranged in line, taking cylindrical brush as an example, operator could just use "Insert" function to set up program, which takes only a few minutes, quite fast...
Pls be kindly informed that we make only brush drilling and tufting machines, we don't offer brush filaments...
Theoretically, a machine can make a great many brushes models, as long as operator changes clamp(gripper). One model, one clamp....
Pls be kindly informed that no matter you select machine tufting filaments in a color or two colors, the price of the machine is the same, it doesn't cause price difference...
For these brush making machines, you'll just need an air compressor which generates pressure around 6 kgs/cm2 ~ 8 kgs/cm2, equal to 85.35 psi ~ 113.80 psi...
"Origin" stands for Machine Coordinate Origin. ..
To turn on the machine, pls follow the below steps: Press "On" → Switch On the Computer...
There are two methods of tufting bristles, one is staple-type(using round wire), the other is anchor-type(using flat wire).
Yes, of course, dear esteemed client, you could also arrange shipment by yourself or by your agent in China. In this case, we'll make the deal on EXW basis.
After shipment, we'll send all original documents to customers by DHL, including Packing List, Commercial Invoice, B/L, and other certificates as required by clients.
Operator could make brushes with filaments in either a color or two colors, it's optional.
The machine has one year's guarantee.
1) Operator should often add lubricating oil to the working parts of the tufting machinery, so as to decrease abrasion.
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