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4-Axis CNC Brush Machines

Generally speaking, 4-axis machines are used to make brushes with curved surfaces, and the holes are inclining to two different directions. If the plastic brush base is molded without holes, a 4-axis 2-head machine or a 4-axis 3-head machine is strongly recommended, so as to improve the work efficiency. Interested to find out more details about 4-axis machines? See the models below!

This is the 4 axis curved broom tufting machine, after change the machine fixtures, it can produce the flat surface brush, curved brush with beautiful brush angles.
This is the special machine for round toilet brush & round ceiling brush, with one set of round working table only.
The 4 axis round toilet brush tufting machine, with single tufting head, in Germany style. It is 4 axis round toilet brush tufting machine, with special fixtures, it can produce both single hockey brush and round toilet brush.
This is the special ceiling broom tufting machine, with max length of filament outside holes 150mm, in big machine frame, with Panasonic servo motor & Panasonic driver.
It is the disc brush tufting machine with max diameter of working table at 500mm.
It is the new style special double hockey brush tufting machine with up and down working axis.
It is the best brushes machine for making hockey brushes, with double fixtures, in Germany style, max production speed up to 5 holes per second.
This is a CNC 4-axis tufting machine of latest style, staple-type(round wire), with servo motors, used to tuft round toilet brushes with filaments in two colors. Please note that the plastic brush blocks must be molded with holes in advance, as it's only
WXD-4A-003 is a 4-axis broom tufting machine of latest style, staple-type(using round wires). While tufting brooms, the maximum speed could be 5 holes per second, and it tufts filaments at angles. The maximum length of folded filaments is 12cm. Click to f
With extra-large size, with two tufting heads, WXD-4A2H02 is used to tuft big plastic brooms with long bristles. The maximum length of folded bristles allowed is 260mm, and its maximum speed is two holes per second. Other size could be customized.
WXD-4A3H02 is a staple-type broom machine with two drilling heads and a tufting head, with automatic lubrication system and vacuum system, which makes plastic brooms with holes inclining at angles.
It is a CNC 4-axis toilet brush tufting machine, also is suitable for tufting other fan-shaped brooms, scrubbing brushes and some industrial brushes with cambered surface, as long as operator changes clamps(grippers).
With two drilling heads and a tufting head which work simultaneously, this 4-axis 3-head integrated machine is used to make hairbrushes, toilet brushes, industrial roller brushes and fan-shaped brooms, etc.
While using this 4-axis drilling machine, pls be sure that all cables connect correctly. Red, blue and yellow cables connect with 380V three-phase wires, green cable connects with neutral wire, yellow-green cable connects with earth wire.
Please note that there is high-voltage electricity inside electric box of this universal 4-axis brush making machine. If it is out of order, only professional technicians are allowed to check and dismantle it. Non-professionals are prohibited to dismantle
The working voltage for 4-axis CNC wheel brush tufting machine should be stable, around AC380±10V; over-voltage will probably cause the ruin of electronics
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