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FAQs about Machines
Read the tips below, they might help you. 1) For plastic broom, of which the plastic base has been molded with holes: If the surface to be tufted is horizontally flat, a 2-axis tufting machine is recommended; If the surface to be tufted is curved
Those major consumable spare parts for our staple-type tufting machines are listed as below...
1) Operator should often add lubricating oil to the working parts of the tufting machinery, so as to decrease abrasion.
Don't worry, pls do feel free to contact us now, we'll be really glad to get back to you with professional solutions.
Yes, we'll offer some extra spare parts and small tools together with the machine, free of charge. For specified machine, pls contact our sales for confirmation.
We offer a wide range of brush making machines, the prices vary accordingly.
We use step motor by default, also we could use servo motor instead, if required by clients.
Yes, besides English and Chinese, we could also use other languages as required by client.
Yes, there are three sizes for machine head: Big, Medium and Small.
The maximum drilling speed is 6 holes per second, the maximum tufting speed is also 6 holes per second.
The tufting method could be either "flat wire(anchor-type)" or "round wire(staple-type)".
"Clamp(gripper)" is a kind of mould made from auminum-alloy, which holds the whole brush base and fixes it on working table of the machine, like this...
Pls don't worry, through the below links, absolutely you'll see how our machines work, on video...
X-axis is for left / right movement; Y-axis is for forward / backward movement; Z-axis is for rotating movement; H-axis is for up / down movement; A-axis is for "swinging" movement...
Brush trimming machine is used to trim the end of brush filaments, so as to keep the filament-end flat. ..
3-Head integrated machine has two drilling heads and a tufting head, which drills holes and tufts filaments simultaneously...
Some machines have only one function, either drilling or tufting, with only a drilling head or a tufting head. ..
Some brush blocks(brush bases) are pre-drilled, already with holes, in this case, operator only needs to "tuft" (fill holes with filaments)...
"Tufting" means "filling holes with filaments", so, brush tufting machine is also called brush filling machine, or brush planting machine, or brush making machine. ..
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