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Looking for brush tools to set up your own brush making factory? You might be interested to take a look at our wide range of brush production equipment, including drilling machine, tufting machine, bristle cutting machine, flagging machine and trimming machine, etc, all are at quite competitive prices. Send us your inquiry now, it'll be our great pleasure to advise you solution.

This is automatically trimming and flagging machine, with double trimming head, double flagging head. For the flagging head, which consist of flagging needles with perfect efficient .
Brush trimmer WXD-TM700 is used to trim the ends of disk brush filaments, so as to keep the ends flat. It trims brushes with filaments made of plastic, PP, PVC, PET, nylon, pig bristles, etc, the diameter of filaments should not be more than 1.2mm
WXD-C90 is pneumatic, which is used to cut brush filaments. The material of filaments could be PP, PVC, PET, tampico, pig bristles, horse hair, etc. Please note it cannot cut copper wires, stainless steel wires or abrasive filaments.
This machine trims those big and long cylindrical (roller) brushes with filaments made of plastic, PP, PVC, PET, pig bristles, horse hair, tampico, etc, pls note that the diameter of filaments must not be bigger than 1.2mm.
WXD-1A2H01 is used to make strip brushes, it drills holes and tufts filaments simultaneously. With servo motors, the maximum speed is 6 holes per second. However, for daily use, it's suggested to keep the speed at about 4 holes per second, so as not to sh
WXD-TM500 is used to trim brushes with abrasive filaments, which works automatically and is able to work 24 hours a day. As for the power supply, it could be either 1-phase 220V or 3-phase 380V, which is optional.
To trim a cylindrical brush to be corrugated, automatic brush trimmer WXD-TM400 is the best choice. Its power supply could be either single-phase 220V or 3-phase 380V, it's optional.
WXD-TM200 is used to trim wooden brushes with stainless steel wires or copper wires, so as to keep the wire-end flat. Before starting the brush trimmer, please check whether all working parts and guide rails are installed correctly and firmly.
WXD-TM300 is used to trim ball-type toilet brushes, so as to keep the bristle-end flat. It trims toilet brushes with filaments made of plastic, PP, PVC, PET, bristle, etc, the diameter of filaments should be not more than 1.2mm
Application: for cutting plastic threads Specification: 60cm(Length) x 40cm(Width) x 60cm(Height) Maximum Cutting Diameter: Customized
Application: Flat-surface brush Specification: 60cm(Length) x 40cm(Width) x 60cm(Height)
WXD-TM100 is used to trim the end of brush filaments, so as to keep the end flat. The blades are made of imported steel with excellent tenacity, being abrasion-resistant. It is not allowed to trim brushes with metal wires.
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