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This article discusses the daily maintenance of CNC machines, including regular cleaning, replacement of blades and needles, lubrication, power supply checks, moisture and dust prevention, regular maintenance, and safety precautions. These maintenance operations can prolong the lifespan of the machine, ensure proper functioning, and prevent injuries caused by improper operation.
Mr. Arshad, an intelligent and smart trading businessman. After the clients double confirmed the machine details with us, he came to Guangzhou to meet with us, to check the factory, to see the machine working performance, to arrange the machine d
Mr. Ibrahim, one of our Ethiopia clients , it was the first time he use the cnc brush machine. After the market research in Ethiopia, he found that most of the broom was made by hands if caught the opportunity to make the plastic broom and sell in loc
Mr Solomon, it was the first time for him to produce the broom. He is very smart and powerful businessman. After the fist time meeting in our factory, we explained how to create a brush factory, how to arrange the machine, the material and calculate
Dear All, For the Chinese National Holiday, factory and office will close from 29th Sep to 3th OCT, 2018. If you have anything urgent, please kindly mail to sales@brush-machine.com or jane@brush- machine.com, or message on wechat or whatsapp to j
Welcome to the 124th Canton Fair
Mr. Nadun, he was good at broom business before, now he would like to produce the round toilet brush and round ceiling brush to expand his product lines. Since Mr. Nadun used our brush machine before, this time, he only come to checking the brush
Mr. Yeung, came from Indonesia , he has used our machine since 2008, with rich experience of brush production and machine maintenance. Since the heat competition in Indonesia market, he decided to buy 2 sets more of the new machine and learn the n
Solomon, it is the first clients from Ethiopia. Two years ago, Solomon came to visit our factory, and communicated with us about how to build the broom factory, broom product lines, material, transportation and market trends. After two years dev
Mr. Daise, a fast development brush manufacturer in Gujarat India. Two years ago, Mr. Daise , who made up his mind to take the new technology to improve his brush production, he communicated lots of the details about his disc brush and brush machine
Dear All Clients, Since the Dragon Boat Festival, we will be in holiday from 16th to 18th June, 2018. If you have any inquiry please kindly mail to jane@brush-machine.com or message to WhatsApp or WeChat on 0086 15112026109. Wish all of you D
Mr. Salman, a well-knowed brush manufacturer in Sri Lanka, who has rich experience for brush, brush manufacture, brush machine. This time, he required a muti-function machine , which will be have a good combination of round toilet brush, round ceiling b
Mr. Ali, it was the new brush business for him to produce brush. After made a market research, Ali would like to create the factory with double hockey brush, which is popular in Lahore market. After the communicated in wechat, we made a completely
Mr. Azhar Masood, our old friends, it was the second time he came to visit our factory. On 11th Dec, we met with Mr. Azhar Masood at airport, on 12th DEC, we arranged the machine testing the 3 axis brush tufting machine and showed the machine in live
Dear all, please kindly noted that we will be in holiday from 1th OCT to 5th OCT for the national holiday and middles autumn festival. We will back to factory on 6th OCT. If you have any queries regarding to the brush or brush machine, please
Mr. Mustafa, he is very smart and intelligent businessman. during the training, he listened carefully and make a note clearly. after two days training, he can make the new program for different brush item, and modified the program, checked the machine i
Mr. Nguyen, it is one of our Vietnam clients who created a new factory in Haiphong city. Even the first time we cooperated with each other, while we trust in each other. After the fist time visiting and meeting, we offered the below machine and rec
Mr. Mohsin, it is one of our good friends in Pakistan, which has 8 sets of semi-auto broom in the factory. In order to expand the market, finally he made up his mind to buy the CNC brush machine to help imporve the brush quality and production.
On 21th AUG, 2017, our good friends Mr. Saeed came to our factory for training with his family. Mr. Saeed has rich experience about the brush machine, while it is the first time he use our machine, after thought twice about the machine and the busines
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