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3-Axis CNC Brush Machines

In most cases, 3-axis machines are used to make cylindrical brushes and other brushes with curved surfaces, such as wood/plastic hairbrushes, roller brushes and some toilet brushes. Particularly, we'd like to draw your attention to WXD-3A-L001, which is used to make those big and long industrial brushes, with functions of both drilling and tufting. Interested? View the machines below!

This is the special disc brush drilling and tufting machine. with disc brush working at 600mm. After drilling holes well, it will turn to tufting filament automatically.
It is the special industrial brush machine, the max length of brush block will be at 8000mm, the max diameter of brush block will be 200mm, with two sets of fixtures on the working table.
This is WXD-3A2H-08, it has multi-function to produce plate brush and disc brush. It is cost efficient and make full use of the machine design.
It is 3 axis tufting machine which special for single hockey. If the grippers was changed accordingly, it can produce not only the curved toilet brush, but also the flat surface broom.
This is the new multi-function long roller brush machine, it not only produce the cylinder brush, but also the plate brush. It is the priority choice for the entrepreneurs who aim at expanding the industrial brush.
This machine it can make strip brushes in different length. It works with the function of drilling & tufting & trimming simultaneously, which improve working speed and save time.
It's best choise for drilling and tufting roller brushes.
This machine can make both roller brushes and flat brushes, as long as operator changes grippers accordingly. Click to see further details about this industrial brush drilling and tufting machine.
WXD-3A2H04 is used to make small roller brushes. After drilling holes, the worktable automatically conveys the brush block from drilling head to tufting head, which is very convenient for the operator. Click to see more details about roller brush machine.
WXD-3A-002 is used to tuft disc brushes, of which the plastic bases should be pre-molded with holes. Its power supply could be either 1-phase 220V or 3-phase 380V, which is optional. Its maximum tufting speed is 5 holes per second.
With a drilling head and a tufting head, this machine is suitable for making brushes with curved surface, including toilet brushes, plastic scrubbing brushes and some other industrial brushes.
WXD-3A-L002 is used to make big roller brushes, which has functions of both drilling and tufting, but is much shorter than WXD-3A-L001. Click to see further details about it.
With two drilling heads, this machine is used to drill holes for various kinds of brushes with curved or flat surface, including plastic/wooden hairbrushes, toilet brushes and some other industrial brushes.
This is a CNC 3-axis 3-head machine, with two drilling heads and a tufting head, which drills holes and tufts filaments simultaneously. It's used to make roller brushes and cylindrical brushes. However, it can also make other brushes with curved surfaces,
This machine has functions of both drilling and tufting. With drilling head installed, it drills holes; replacing the drilling head with tufting head, it then tufts. It operates in the mode of four-location circumrotating. Only one-time installation is ne
Professional CNC long-roller machine for making big and long roller brushes, which are used for cleaning glass, marble, textile products, iron or steel products, etc.
For this brush tufting machine, two clamps are installed on working table, which work alternatively and continually. Thus there's no need to stop to change brush handles, which increases productivity
WXD-3A2H01 is used to make cylindrical wood hairbrushes, staple-type, which drills holes and tufts filaments in two colors simultaneously. The power supply could be either 3-phase 380V or single-phase 220V, it's optional.
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