CNC 4-Axis Brush Machines

4-Axis machines are suitable for making curved brushes or roller brushes with holes inclining to two different directions. They can also make most brushes made by 2-axis and 3-axis machines, as long as the operator changes grippers accordingly. As for the material of filaments, it could be PP, PVC, PET, plastic, pig bristles, horse hair, stainless steel wires, copper wires, etc. Want to know how the brush equipment works? Please watch the videos below, you'll be interested.

Particularly, we'd like to draw your attention to 4-axis 3-head broom machine, which makes plastic and wood brooms with holes inclining at angles, but, please note the angles cannot be bigger than 30°, otherwise, a 5-axis machine is needed. Curious to find out more dtails? Please do feel free to leave us a message, it'll be our great pleasure to advise you solution.


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