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3-Axis Cylinder Brush & Plate Brush Machine WXD-3A2H07 1
3-Axis Cylinder Brush & Plate Brush Machine WXD-3A2H07 1

3-Axis Cylinder Brush & Plate Brush Machine WXD-3A2H07

This is the new multi-function long roller brush machine, it not only produce the cylinder brush, but also the plate brush. It is the priority choice for the entrepreneurs who aim at expanding the industrial brush.


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    3-Axis Cylinder Brush & Plate Brush Machine WXD-3A2H07 2

    Features of 3-Axis Cylinder Brush & Plate Brush Making Machine  WXD-3A2H07

    1) With working table for cylinder brush at 360 degree (X axis ) * 2500mm (Y axis )
    With working table for plate brush at 100mm ( Z axis ) * 2500mm ( Y axis )

    2) With support for cylinder brush, it can make wide range of  roller brush at different diameter and length. 

    3) With 5.4'' touchable screen, the interface is available in various languages, such as Chinese, English.

    4) With PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), in the program with different design for cylinder brush & plate brush, 
    if the operators select the design mode and enter the brush specification, the machine will produce the brush accordingly. 

    5) The working table is composed of straight-line guide rail and ball screw with high precision, which is quite stable and durable.

    7) During the shipment, the machine will be separate into three parts, the machine head, the machine computer , the machine body. 
    When the machine arrive in customers factory, we will help to test the machine and make the trial production. 

    Technical Parameter for 3-Axis Cylinder Brush & Plate Brush Making Machine  WXD-3A2H07

     Maximum Drilling/Tufting Area (Standard)  X-axis x Y-axis x Z-axis = 360º x 2500mm x 100mm
    (Other Sizes Should be customized)
     Material of  Brush Bases  Cylindrical plastic, cylindrical wood
    Plate plastic, Plate wood 
     Material of Brush Filaments  PP, nylon, copper wire, stainless steel wire, bristles
     Length of Filaments (Outside Holes)  8mm - 120mm
     Diameter of Brush Filaments  0.08mm - 1.2mm
     Diameter of Holes  3mm - 7mm
     Colors of Brush Filaments   Single color 
     Maximum Drilling/Tufting Speed  5 holes per second
     Specifications of Machine Body 4000mm (L) * 1200mm (W)* 1800 (H)
     Motor (Power System)  Servo-motor
     Data Input for Tufting Positions                              Teaching-type: Operator select the design mode and enter the specification of brush, the program will be done by computer automatically. 

    Digits-type: Operator manually enters digits(coordinates of X/Y axis) for tufting position.
     Touchable Screen With 5.4'' touchable monitor controller; interface is in English or other language required by client, operating in dialogue-mode, which is quite simple and easy.
     Speed Adjusting  Frequency-conversion stepless-adjustable speed
     Qty of Programs Saved  It saves totally 8000 holes
     Gross Weight  Around 700KGS
     Programming  PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
     Power Supply  3-phase 380V, or  50-60Hz, 1200W
     Replaceable Clamp  FMS type. Operator could make other kinds of brushes, as long as he changes clamps.
     Packing  It'll be packed in wooden case.
    Wooden case for machine body: 4.26m x 0.9m x 1.21m
    Wooden case for computer box: 0.57m x 0.67m x 1.54m
    Wooden case for machine head: 1.23m x 0.935m x 1.12m

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