CNC 3-Axis Brush Machines

3-Axis machines include X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, which are used to make roller brushes, cylindrical brushes, hairbrushes and other brushes with curved surfaces. Theoretically speaking, 3-axis machines can make most brushes made by 2-axis machines, as long as grippers are changed accordingly. Interested to know more details about 3-axis brush drilling and tufting machines? Start your inquiry now, we are eager to hear from you, it'll be our great pleasure to advise you solution.

Feeling interested but having no idea about selecting a 3-axis tufting machine, or a 3-axis drilling machine, or a 3-axis 2-head integrated machine with functions of both drilling and tufting? Well, to improve work efficienty, multi-head machines are strongly recommended, such as 3-axis 2-head machine, or 3-axis 3-head machine, or 3-axis 5-head machine. Do not hesitate any more, contact us right now, our team is always here for you.

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