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How to maintain the machines?

1) Operator should often add lubricating oil to the working parts of the tufting machinery, so as to decrease abrasion.

2) Operator should regularly check each part to see whether there are loose screws or not, and please make sure to tighten it, if he finds a loose one.

3) Please keep guide rail and ball screw clean, and make sure that there are no scraps sticking on them, so as not to affect the precision of working position.

4) Be sure that the electric box works under ventilative conditions; do not put it under humid or high-temperature conditions; do not shake the electric box.

5) Please keep electric box far away from magnetic field, otherwise it will be probably out of control.

6) Be sure that all cables connect correctly. Red, blue and yellow cables connect with 380V three-phase wires, green cable connects with neutral wire, yellow-green cable connects with earth wire. Plugs are numbered as "1, 2, 3, 4 , 5", "1, 2, 3" are for 380V phase-wires, "4" is for neutral wire, "5" is for earth wire.

7) The working voltage should be stable, around AC380±10V; over-voltage will probably cause the ruin of electronics.

8) Do not knock at the touchable screen with hard articles, otherwise it’ll decrease its sensibility or even break the screen.

9) Do not drag wires rudely.

10) Please note that there is high-voltage electricity inside electric box. If it is out of order, only professional technicians are allowed to check and dismantle it. Non-professionals are prohibited to dismantle it, so as to avoid getting an electric shock and the ruin of data.

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