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How to Clean A Hairbrush (1)

If you want to keep your hair snarl-free for long, it is important to use a clean hairbrush or combs. Using a clean hair brush ensures that you don't have a fluff in your hair. However, a hair brush or comb tends to get dirty with repeated usage. Though many people throw old combs and buy new ones, but doing so is against the good environmental practices.

Remember, regular cleaning helps your hairstyling tools last longer. You should clean your hair styling tools such as hair brushes and combs at least once a week. While cleaning them, you should ensure that you remove all hair strands collected onto your hair brush. If you are wondering that the job of cleaning a hair brush is difficult and troublesome, we have listed few tips here that can help you cleaning a hair brush and keeping it clean for long.

In order to properly clean a hair brush or comb, you need some hot water and bleach. Mix around 100ml of bleach into a gallon of hot water and put the solution into large bucket or container. Now soak all your hair brushes and combs into the water for around an hour. You should soak them for long if still look dirty after an hour. After an hour, add a teaspoon of liquid soap into a separate bucket of water and put hair brushes into this solution. Drain the water after a while and thoroughly rinse the hair brush.

You should remove all the water from the hair brushes before you start cleaning them. Remove the hair stuck in its bristles so that they look clean and hygienic. If you want to clean your hair combs, you can put them in the washing machine. However, you should avoid putting hair brushes in your washing machine as they can damage the delicate clothes. If you own an expensive hair brush, you should avoid using bleach to clean it as it may damage the brush. However, you can use the soap and warm water to clean the delicate brush. While using bleach to clean your hair brush, you should follow the directions printed on the bottle. You should never bleach an object, which should not be bleached.

You should disinfect your hairbrush using a heating facility in your dishwasher after you have cleaned it. Just put the hairbrush in the dishwasher and add around 5-10ml of bleach into the dishwasher along with dish detergent and Now select the dryer cycle to completely dry and disinfect your hairbrush. You can also use a fork to pull out the hairs stuck around the bristles of your hair brush. You can use another comb or hair brush to take out the leftover hair on the hairbrush.

If you keep your hair brushes and combs clean, you are actually keeping the environment safe and clean. This is because it takes energy to manufacture hair brushes and combs. Therefore, avoid throwing a hair brush when it?s dirty. Rather, you should clean hair brushes for the sake of environment and your pocket.


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How to Clean Make-up Brushes? (1)
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