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Guangzhou Heng Yi CNC Machines Factory, also named Guangzhou Wanxingda CNC Machines Co., Ltd., has been engaged in this field for over 6 years, with rich experiences in production and marketing of CNC brush making machines. 

Especially, we are quite proud of our chief engineer, Mr Chen Meixing, who has been dedicated to R&D of CNC brush machines for more than 10 years and is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in South China.

Herewith, we'd like to particularly draw your attention to: 1) long-roller brush drillng and tufting machine which is used to make those long and big cylindrical brushes; 2) 4-axis 3-head integrated machine whick makes various brushes with either flat-surface or curved surface; 3) 2-axis 2-head integrated machine which makes brushes with flat-surface, such as small nailbrushes, wooden brushes and other industrial brushes. 

Interested but have no idea how to select machine? Don't worry, pls click here to see our professional advice about how to select a most suitable machine, what's more, pls take a look at our video list which demonstrates how the machines work, you'll see brush drilling machines, brush filling(tufting) machines, brush trimming machines, bristle cutting machines and broom planting machines, etc. 

If you still have further questions about these CNC brush making machines, pls do not hesitate to contact us, we guarantee that your inquiry will be treated with top priority.

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