Other Machines

Engaged in the field of brushes? Or looking for relevant brush making tools to start your own brush factory? You've just come to the right place! Wanxingda offers most equipment you need, such as drilling machines, tufting machines, flagging machines, bristle cutting machines, trimming machines, etc. Take a look and feel free to send us your inquiries, we'll be pleased to recommend you suitable machines with correct prices and all relevant details. It will be our great honour to work with you. Contact us now!

Drilling machine is used to drill holes on brush bases. Tufting machine is used to fill holes with filaments, which is classified into anchor-type machine (using flat wires) and staple-type machine (using round wires). Trimming machine is used to flatten the end of filaments, after tufting. Flagging machine is used to split the end of filaments, mostly, used for making brooms. Cutting machine is used to cut filaments, which is pneumatic.


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