CNC 2-Axis Brush Machines

In most cases, 2-axis machines include only X-axis (for left and right movement) and Y-axis (for forward and backward movement). Generally, they are used to make plastic brooms, scrub brushes and other small brushes with flat surfaces, and, the plastic bases are already molded with holes in advance. If you are not sure whether a 2-axis machine can meet your requirements or not, just contact us now, please don't worry, it'll be our great pleasure to recommend a feasible solution to you.

The working area of standardized 2-axis machines made by Wanxingda is "X-axis x Y-axis = 350mm x 180mm", which is applicable to 2-axis drilling machine, 2-axis tufting machine, and 2-axis 2-head integrated machine. Also, other big-sized machines with working area above "350mm x 180mm" could be customized. Feeling interested to know more details? Contact us now! We'll be here for you.

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