Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200

Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200
Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200
  • Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200
  • Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200
  • Minimum: 1 Set
  • Delivery: 15 Days
  • Model: WXD-TM200
  • Country: Guangzhou, China
  • BrandName: Wanxingda
  • Package: Wooden Case
  • Payment: T/T, L/C
  • Price: EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR
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Product Information

Pls click here to see how it trims brushes, on video.

Technical Parameter of Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200
1) Item No.: WXD-TM200
2) Power Input: 0.55KW
3) Voltage: 380V, ±10% is allowed
4) Motor Rotation: 1400RMP
5) Rated Frequency: 50Hz
6) Specification: 60cm(Length) * 40cm(Width) * 60cm(Height)
7) Daily Continuous Working Time: 24Hours
8) Gross Weight: 50KGS
9) Packing: Wooden Case

Brush Trimmer WXD-TM200

1) WXD-TM200 is used to trim wooden brushes with stainless steel wires or copper wires, so as to keep the wire-end flat.

2) The blades are made of imported steel with excellent tenacity, being abrasion-resistant. The blade could rotate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, which is controlled by the switch installed aside. Please keep in mind that operator should put nothing on the blade before it starts rotating.

1) Before starting the brush trimmer, please check whether all working parts and guide rails are installed correctly and firmly.

2) On the working table, there are two indispensable guide rails supported by four columns, which are fixed by screws. By twisting those four screws, operator adjusts not only the height between guide rails and tabletop, but also the gap distance between two guide rails. It is forbidden to directly put brush on blade without using guide rails.

3) After switching it on, operator should wait for a moment until the blades start rotating regularly.

4) Operator deposits the brush into the gap between two guide rails, and then slowly pushes it back and forth along the rails one or two times.

1) Operator should keep the machine clean, and often spray the blades with anti-rust agent.

2) If the blades become blunt, please smear the blades with diamond paste, and then switch it on to make the blades rotate in counterclockwise direction for 5 to 10 minutes. Please note that diamond paste should be wiped out thoroughly after grinding.

3) Operator should regularly check each part to see whether there are loose screws or not, please make sure to tighten it if he finds a loose one, so as to avoid any accident.

4) If the machine is always deposited in a humid environment, please check whether there is leakage of electricity around the motor before usage. If operator feels leakage of electricity, please make sure to dry it thoroughly before running, so as to keep safe. 


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