How to Clean Your Toothbrush? - Wash It (1)


The thought of putting a nasty, germ-laden toothbrush in your mouth is disgusting! But unless you maintain good habits regarding cleaning your toothbrush, that is exactly what you're doing.

Here are some suggestions for cleaning your toothbrush and keeping it clean.

Method 1 for Cleaning Your Toothbrush: Wash It

1. To deep clean your toothbrush, occasionally run it through the dishwasher. Be sure to place it on the top rack, so the toothbrush doesn't melt or bend due to the heat.

2. A less drastic method is to simply wash your toothbrush before and after every use by holding it under hot running water, and rubbing your thumb over it forcefully for five or ten seconds. Of course, be sure to wash your hands before using this method!

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