Cleaning Scrubbing Brushes


We depend on our scrub brushes to come to our aid in our messiest situations. So how do we make sure that those same brushes are clean, sanitary, and ready for the tough jobs we throw at them?


After a scrubbing brush has been used, it needs to be rinsed thoroughly, to dislodge any particles or debris that may be stuck in the bristles. A gentle brushing of the bristles under running water will help remove debris. It's tempting to soak our brushes to remove any dirt, but this can actually damage, weaken, or even remove the bristles from our scrubbing brushes.


Once the brush has been thoroughly rinsed, it needs to thoroughly dry. Most sour smelling and moldy brushes happens when a still wet brush is stored away. Before you put any brushes away, make sure they are thoroughly dried. Do not rest a brush on it's own bristles to dry. This will bend and warp the scrubbing brush. Hanging the scrubbing brush from a hook can allow thorough drying and easy access.


Brushes that are discolored, have a sour smell, or are warped should be replaced. Depending on the quality of the brush, how well it is maintained, and usage, a brush may last anywhere from one to four months.

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