Vietnamese Client Visited Us


Our Vietnamese client, Mr Nguyen Chi Thao, came to visit us from Oct.12 to Oct.21, for business negotiation and learning his machines as well.

Mr Thao was quite friendly, although it was his first time to come to China, he got on very well with us, just like we were old friends since long time ago. Actually, he was very clever, within only half a day, he already finished learning all his machines, including a 2-axis 2-head integrated machine for making wood brushes with stainless steel wires, a semi-automatic tufting machine, a semi-automatic twisting machine and a trimming machine.

Cordially we are looking forward to meeting him again next year.

Mr Nguyen Chi Thao gets on very well with us
Left 1: Mr Ji, our technician;
Left 2: Mr Chen, our chief technician, who designs all our machines;
Left 3: Mr Nguyen Chi Thao, our Vietnamese client;
Left 4: Mr Yang, our boss.

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