Chracteristics and Selection of CNC Machining Centers


Major characteristics of CNC machining centers:

1) Machining centers are capable of handling a wide variety of part sizes and shapes efficiently, economically, respectively, and with high dimensional accuracy with tolerances in the order of +0.0025mm.

2) These machines are versatile and capable of quick changeover from one type of product to another.

3) The time required for loading and unloading workpieces, changing tools, gauging of the part, and troubleshooting is reduced. Therefore productivity is improved, thus reducing labor requirements (particularly skilled labor) and minimizing production costs.

4) These machines are equipped with tool-condition monitoring devices for the detection of tool breakage and wear as well as probes for tool-wear compensation and for tool positioning. In-process and post-process gauging and insepction of machines workpieces are now features of machining centers.

5) These machines are relatively compact and highly automated and have advanced control systems, so one operator can attend to two or more machining centers at the same time, thus reducing labor costs.

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