How to Clean Make-up Brushes? (1)


Clean make-up brushes are key to successful application. Ideally, you should clean brushes every couple months, to rid them of dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria.

You should treat natural-fibre brushes with as much care as the hair on your head.

So, how to clean make-up brushes?

1) Carefully shampoo the bristles and rinse, taking care not to wet the handle. Repeat with conditioner, then squeeze out excess water and smooth bristles. Prop brushes up on an angle to dry, to allow for even air-flow.

2) For an eco-clean, create a cleaning solution using one part vinegar to two parts water; clean and dry as above.

Or, alternatively, you could use a specialised make-up brush cleaning fluid such as Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser, or Clinique Makeup Brush Cleaner or M.A.C. Brush Cleaner.

Tip: Never leave brushes to soak in water or cleaning solution as this will cause wooden handles to warp and metal fittings to rust.

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