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Looking for CNC hair brush making machines? Besides that, you might be also interested in the below information about hairbrushes.

A hairbrush is a small brush with rigid bristles used in hair care for brushing, styling, and detangling human hair, or for brushing a domestic animal's fur. The earliest US patent for a modern hairbrush was by Hugh Rock in 1854. A brush with elastic wire teeth along with natural bristles was patented by Samuel Firey in 1870.

A brush is typically used on longer hair, while a comb is normally used on shorter hair; however, a brush can be still used for short hair. A flat brush is normally used for detangling neat and tidy hair, after sleep; a round brush for styling and curling hair, especially by a professional stylist, and with a blowdryer. A paddle brush is used to straighten hair, but not all work, they are usually used on untidy unkept hair. A hairbrush is also useful in removing loose hairs, and in increasing circulation to the scalp.

The brushing of a domestic animal's fur is often perceived as a mark of affection and/or a bonding experience, which can have a soothing effect, e.g. making a cat purr. Special brushes are made for cats and dogs. For an equine's tougher hair, a curry-comb is used.

Types of hairbrushes
These four different brushes are used for different types of hair:

Flat Brush - used to straighten tidy and neat hair and gives a professional look.
Paddle Brush - used for untidy and unkempt hair which is hard to manage.
Round Brush - used for neat hair, the brush curls the hair.
Comb - usually used by men, but it can be useful for anyone with short hair.

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