About Toilet Brush


A toilet brush is a domestic implement designed for the cleaning of the lavatory pan usually in conjunction with toilet cleaner or bleach.

The toilet brush can be used to clean the upper area of the toilet, around the bowl. However, it cannot be used to clean very far into the toilet's trap and should not be used to clean the toilet seat. The brush can also be used for the whitening of enamels.

In many cultures it is considered impolite to clean away biological debris without the use of chemical toilet cleaning products, as this can potentially leave residue on the bristles.

A typical toilet brush consists of a hard bristled end, usually with a rounded shape and a long handle. Toilet brushes are today commonly made of plastic, but were originally made of wood with pig bristles or from the hair of horses, oxen, squirrels and lions and badgers. The brush is typically stored in a holder, but in some extreme cases completely hidden in a tube.

An electric toilet brush is one in which the bristles are fastened on the rotor of a motor which works similar to electric tooth brushes. So does the power supply which is realized without any metal contact via electromagnetic induction.

Recent years have seen a general shift in design with a new emphasis on ergonomically designed brushes. Further design enhancements have included innovative holders that snap shut around the bristled end, thereby preventing the release of smells, germs and other unpleasantries.

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