Old Friends from Pakistan Came to Visit Us


It seemed that July 2013 was the particular period for us to meet particularly old customers. As extremely old Pakistani customers, Mr Sarup Chand H and Mr Ramaish Kumar (father and son) came to visit us on July 24, 2013, also for training (learning new machines).

Actually they already purchased our old model 2-axis tufting machine two years ago, but without visiting us. Basing on trust, that order was placed only through business emails, which we greatly appreciated.

learning 5-axis machine checking spare parts
Technician Cai was showing the spare parts to Mr Ramaish Kumar Mr Ramaish Kumar was asking questions regarding adjustment
running machine friendly relations
Mr Ramaish Kumar was running the machine by himself Left: Our Boss, Mr Yang        Middle: Technician Wu

This time, Mr Ramaish spent several days in practising his new 5-axis 3-head machine and 4-axis broom tufting machine, which were completely new models for him. However, Mr Ramaish majored in Information Management System, so he handled all the programs quite easily and smoothly, without any difficulty, which did ease our technicians.  :)

After training, they left for Pakistan on Aug 04, 2013. Cordially we look forward to meeting these old friends again in the coming future.

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