Old Customer from Kazakhstan Came to Visit Us


Mr Igor Fedorpov came from Kazakhstan, and was one of our very very very old customers. His first business inquiry was sent in Mar 2010, which was already three years and a half ago.

After longperiod negotiation, Mr Igor finally started business with us by a 2-axis 2-head machine for making wood strip brushes.

With amiable smile, Mr Igor came to our factory to start training on July 29, 2013. 

Kazakhstan customer came for training
Left: Mr Vitaliy (Mr Igor's agent)
Middle: Our Boss, Mr Yang
Right: Mr Igor Fedorpov, Kazakhstan Customer

He used semi-automatic machines before and had certain experience in mechanical parts, so, he was quite optimistic and finished the so-called "training" within only half a day in our workshop, which did make our technicians surprised!

After sightseeing in Guangzhou, Mr Igor left for Kazakhstan on Aug 03, 2013. Sincerely we wish the amiable friend a very nice journey!

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