Korean Customer Came for Training


Mr Minho Ha was an esteemed customer from Korea, who was really a mild gentleman.

He arrived in our workshop on May 09 at 13:30pm with his Chinese friend (a translator for Korean), and started learning his long-roller machine as soon as possible. 

learning long-roller brush machine with technician together
Minho is assembling the tufting-pole Left: Technician Cai     Right: Mr Minho Ha

Minho himself was the chief engineer in his factory, he was skilled and already ran similar brush machines for about 10 years. He was so familiar with the machines that the training was finished very quickly, as we expected. 

in the workshop
Left: Mr Piao (the translator for Korean, also he's Minho's friend)

Training was finished smoothly on May 10. After the nice supper with us together, Mr Minho said goodbye to us and went to his friend's place for relaxation. (He would catch the plane to Korea the next day)

Looking forward to meeting him next time!

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