Two Peruvian Customers Came To Visit


Two Peruvian customers, Mr Smith and Mr Carlos, came to visit us on Apr 9, 2012, for training (to learn how to run 5-axis 2-head machine and 2-axis scrub brush tufting machine).

The training started from Apr 10, 2012, ended in Apr 14, 2012.

Peruvian customer, Carlos Smith
 Peruvian Technician: Carlos  Peruvian Customer: Smith

Carlos was a technician and had rich experience of plastic injection machines, so, he handled our brush machines quite smoothly, it was just an easy job for him.

having supper in restaurant standing in front of the restaurant
 Left: Smith                           Right: Carlos  Middle: Mr Yang (Our Purchasing Manager)

Both Smith and Carlos were easygoing, they got on well with us. They liked Chinese food, so, the meal time actually became a kind of a gathering of friends between us, we all enojyed the moment with them.

Smith and Carlos left on Apr 15, 2012. Sincerely we looked forward to meeting them again.

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