Indian Brothers Came to Visit for The Second Time


Our esteemed Indian customers, Jain Brothers (Mr Kunal Jain and Mr Sunal Jain), came to visit us on the morning of Aug 08, 2011.

Actually it was already the second time that Mr Suanl Jain visited us. His first visit was made in Aug 2010, with his father together last time. 

Indian customers, Jain Brothers Wangxinda's Technician and Indian customers
Jain Brothers were checking their machine
(5-Axis 3-head brush drilling and tufting machine).
Left: Our Technician Wang
Middle: Mr Sunal Jain
Right: Mr Kunal Jain

However, this time, Mr Sunal Jain and his brother came for QC and learning 5-axis 3-head machine they ordered.

They were young and so smart, "training" was not a job for them, instead it was a kind of interesting experiment, they were so pleased to see that different brush models were successfully made by themselves, with a new machine they had just used for the first time.

During their stay, it was such a pity that Jain Brothers didn't try our delicious Chinese food, as they were vegetarians and didn't get used to Chinese food.

They stayed in our workshop for 6 days and left on the afternoon of Aug 13, 2011. We saw them off in the airport and wished them a nice journey.

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