Pakistani Customer Visited Us


Mr Saifuddin Rajkot Wala is one of our old customers from Pakistan.

He was from Karachi and established the business relationship with us two years ago.

Saifuddin came to visit us on Nov 17, 2010 for the second time, and planned to stay in our workshop for about 5 days to check and test his two 2-axis tufting machines with new Cam system, a big-sized one for making plastic brooms and a small-sized one for making scrubbing brushes, both were equipped with servo motors.

Saifuddin is with Technician Jin Saifuddin is with Technican Luo
Saifuddin is watching how technician
makes grippers for his machine.
He is watching how technician adjusts his
2-axis broom tufting machine.

After using a 3-axis 2-head toilet brush machine which was also purchased from us for about two years, actually he had become quite familiar with the operation and the programming, so, he didn't really spend too much time running the two machines by himself. Most of the time, he just kept watching how our technician assembled the machines and how they made spare parts, which he thought was interesting and might be useful for him in the future.

He is thinking of those possible problems with the broom machine Saifuddin with Technician Jin
Saifuddin is thinking which problems he
needs to pay attention to.
He is watching how Technician Jin processes
the grippers.

Cordially hope that the amicable business relationship between us will last forever.

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