Coordinate Measuring Machines


Looking for CNC brush making equipment? You might be also interested to read about CMM.

A coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) basically consists of a platform on which the workpiece being measured is placed and then is moved linearly or rotated. A probe is attached to a head (capable of various movements) and records all measurements.

In addition to the tactile probe shown, other types of probes are scanning, laser and vision probes, all of which are nontactile.

Coordinate-measuring machines are very versatile and capable of recording measurements of complex profiles with high resolution(0.25m) and high speed.

They are built rigidly and ruggedly to resist environmental effects in manufacturing plants, such as temperature variations and vibration. They can be placed close to machine tools for efficient inspection and rapid feedback; by this way, processing parameters are corrected before the next part is made.

Although large CMMs can be expensive, most machines with a touch probe and computer controlled three-dimensional movements are suitable for use in small shops and generally cost under $20,000.

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