How to Clean Makeup Brushes? (5)


Makeup brushes are wonderful cosmetic tools for ladies, but they can get dirty very quickly. Their absorbent nature causes them to pick up all sorts of grime and germs. If you wear eyeshadow, blush, powder or any other types of brush-applied cosmetics, you will need to know how to clean makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are wonderful for delivering cosmetics to the face in a smooth, flawless application. However, your favorite blush shade is not the only thing they are good at picking up. Makeup brushes are magnets for bacteria, facial oils, and dander. Yuck! That's why it is important to keep your brushes nice and clean. Not only will a using a clean brush help your makeup glide on better, but it will also spare your face from all that icky residue that can cause breakouts and infection.

Step 1: Find a Cleanser. Any of the following may be used to clean your makeup brushes:

2.Facial Cleansers.
3.Body Cleansers.
4.Vinegar (mix water with vinegar in a 2:1 ratio).
5.Professional brush cleaner.
6.Makeup remover (works best added to shampoo).

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