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5-Axis 2-Head Push Broom Machine, with Servo Motors


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This is a CNC 5-axis 2-head broom machine with servo motors, staple-type, with four grippers holding four push brooms on the working table. The maximum speed could be 5 holes per second.
Interested to find out more details about machines for making push brooms? Please do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a message, it'll be our great pleasure.

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  • Lorraine Tau Phoi

    May i kindly have a quote on CNC 5-Axis machine and the type of plastic brushes it produces..I also wish to produce mutton cloths and toilet brushes..Kindly recommend were applicable.
    2013-9-6 19:14:05

  • AdministratorDear Lorraine Tau Phoi, Hope you are well, thanks for your inquiry. The price of CNC-5 Axis machine was already quoted to you by email. along with those burshes can be produced by 5 axis, Could you check you email, please? Also, Could you please kindly send us photos of the brushes you want to make? Thank you. For any further question, pls feel free to contact us. Best Regards.
    2013-9-9 11:04:50
  • ravi chand

    like to start manufacture toilet cleaning brushes like double and single hockey brush,round brush,dish washing brush on this quote along with sutable trimming mechine.are you macking mouldes for the above brushes if yes pl send some brush holders in double coloure regards ravi
    2013-3-5 16:08:46

  • AdministratorDear Ravi, hope you are very well and thanks for your interest in our machines. 1) To make toilet brushes, we'd like to recommend a 5-axis 3-head machine, will send you quotation by email soon. 2) Please be kindly informed that we make brush drilling and tufting machines only, don't offer moulds. Any further question, pls do not hesitate to let us know, it'll be our pleasur. Kind Regards!
    2013-3-7 16:03:55
  • Luis Sampson

    our busines is in expantion we manufacture home plastic products to retailers we are interested in manufacture brooms and brushes can you kindly send us information contact and the infotmation for this kind of machinery Best Regards Luis Sampson
    2013-2-1 6:27:38

  • AdministratorDear Luis, wish you a good day! Thanks for your interest in our machines, but, as you could see from our website, there is a wide range of machines for making different brushes, so, firstly, if it's convenient for you, could you send us the pictures of the models you want to make, please? So that we'll be glad to recommend suitable machines to you accordingly. Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards!
    2013-2-2 17:02:25
  • eze

    details on broom making machine
    2011-6-24 2:29:22

  • AdministratorDear Eze, we are so glad to receive your inquiry regarding broom machines. As you know, there are so many different broom models. We'll greatly appreciate, if you could kindly send us the images of the brooms you want to make, then, it'll be our pleasure to suggest suitable machines to you accordingly, with reasonable prices and relevant details. Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated. Warm Regards!
    2011-6-29 0:27:21
  • sultan awais

    hi,plz send me the price for the 5-axis 2-head push broom machine with detail specifications....i will be thankful to you
    2011-6-22 8:41:05

  • AdministratorDear Sultan, thanks so much for your interest in our broom machine. 1) The price of this machine has been sent to you by email, together with all its technical details, please kindly check it. 2) If it's convenient for you, would you mind sending us the images of the brooms you intend to make, pls? So that we could confirm whether this machine is really suitable for you or not. Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards!
    2011-6-28 23:21:06
  • carlos bricneo

    Please send us information about the machines, Is very important to Know the prices-
    2011-6-18 21:41:35

  • AdministratorDear Carlos, pleased to get your message. 1) Firstly, we'd like to say so sorry for this late reply, as there was a problem with our website in the previous days, most business inquiries were blocked. 2) We already contacted you by email, with all the relevant details regarding broom machines, pls kindly check it and do feel free to contact us for any further question, we'll be here for you. Kind Regards!
    2011-6-28 22:59:21
  • Mohamed Yessine MEHDI

    Hello; I am interested in buying one brush machine. 5-Axis 2-Head Push Broom Machine, with Servo Motors Please, let me know the price and you send me (Technical sheet, sales
    2011-5-2 3:00:43

  • AdministratorDear Mohamed, wish you a nice day! 1) The price of this broom machine has been sent to you by email, pls kindly check it accordingly. 2) All its technical information is listed here: Please do feel free to let us know any of your further questions. All Best Regards!
    2011-5-3 20:15:09
  • tükey

    sat?n almak istiyorum ama dilinizi bilmiyorum size nas?l ula??r?m ?
    2011-4-22 11:25:12

  • AdministratorSevgili Efendim, bizim makineleri gösterdi?iniz ilgi için te?ekkür ederiz. Ben Ms Chloe kulüpler 1), lütfen e-posta ( veya MSN ( taraf?ndan bana ula??n olabilir. 2) sadece, ama Türkçe olarak bize e-posta gönderebilecek ?ngilizce biliyor e?er tabii ki daha iyi tamam. Sayg?lar!
    2011-4-25 19:59:02
  • Khalid

    i am interested in buying one brush machine. the brush is wood block. please send me your suggestion and machine suitable and price .
    2011-4-18 21:45:33

  • AdministratorDear Khalid, we appreciate your inquiry. Pls kindly note that machine's price is greatly affected by brush's shape and specification. Would you mind sending us the image of the brush you want to make, pls? So that we could suggest a suitable machine to you accordingly. Cordially looking forward to hearing from you. Warm Regards!
    2011-4-19 20:38:01
  • Dimitar Nastev

    Hello, Would like to ask how much is this machine.How many brush size can produce? Thanks.
    2011-4-2 1:57:25

  • AdministratorDear Dimitar, glad to have your inquiry about this broom machine. 1) The price was already quoted by email, pls kindly check it. 2) Theoretically speaking, it can make thousands of different brush models, as long as grippers are changed. Any further question, pls do feel free to contact us, it'll be our pleasure. Warm Regards!
    2011-4-11 22:43:30