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3-Axis Toilet Brush Tufting Machine


Detailed Vedio Description

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This is a CNC 3-axis tufting machine making toilet brushes. Pls note the plastic toilet brush base should be pre-drilled, already with holes.

If you have any further question, pls do feel free to contact us or leave us a message, we'll be glad to get back to you with professional solutions.

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    do you assist me what type of machine we can buy to make shoe brushes and should cheap in price.
    2011-5-16 3:27:29

  • AdministratorDear Shamshad, so glad to have your inquiry again. If it's convenient for you, would you mind sending us the images of your shoe brushes, pls? After we see the pictures, it'll be our pleasure to recommend suitable machines to you, with correct prices and relevant details. Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards!
    2011-5-16 18:04:39
  • L.B Liyanage

    We would like to buy your tufting machine.can you please let us know the price and the details of the machine.And dont you have showroom in sri lanka like a sole agent. thank you.
    2011-4-15 20:02:33

  • AdministratorDear Liyanage, thanks for your interest in our machines. 1) The rough prices were already offered by email, could you check it, pls? 2) Also, it'll be so great if you could kindly send us the pictures of the brushes you want to make, so that we could recommend a most suitable machine to you accordingly. 3) Pls be kindly informed that we don't have agent in Sri Lanka or any other country, all the customers contact us directly. All Best Regards!
    2011-4-17 19:47:16
  • osama dwaikat

    dear sir we want to buy toilte brush ,pls send me prices thanks osama
    2010-8-4 13:57:32

  • AdministratorDear Osama, wish you a nice day! Pls be kindly informed that we make only brush drilling and tufting machines, we don't offer brushes. Any further question, pls do not hesitate to let us know. Regards!
    2010-8-8 23:15:14
  • chandrasiri

    hey. we want to buy this 4 axis toilet brush tufting machine. can we know the price please... reply ASAP regards:chandrasiri, sri lanka
    2010-7-31 4:59:48

  • AdministratorDear Chandrasiri, wish you a nice day! Thanks for your interest in our toilet brush tufting machine, we already replied to you by email, pls kindly check it and do not hesitate to let us know any of your furhter questions, it'll be our pleasure.
    2010-8-1 20:57:13