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2-Axis Nailbrush Machine, with Servo Motors


Detailed Vedio Description

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This is a CNC 2-axis nail brush tufting machine with servo motors, staple-type, of which the general tufting speed is 3.4 holes per second, while the maximum tufting speed is 5 holes per second. You may be interested to see another nail brush making machine with step motors.

For any further question about this toilet brush machine, pls do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a message, we'll be pleased to get back to you at earliest.

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  • dilip naik

    Hello, We are interested in automatic nail brush tufting machine with sanding/rounding and lacquering facility
    2013-10-21 14:43:28

  • AdministratorDear Dilip Naik, Have a good day! So glad to receive your inquiry on our machines. Would you mind sending us the photos of your nail brush first? We'd like to recommend suitable machine to you with reasonable price.Thanks and Best Regards.
    2013-10-22 15:18:44
  • Alaa M. Ubaid

    Good morning we are industrial company working in pipe line inspection and we are looking for CNC machine for manufacturing brushes for MFL tools , so please tell us if you can make such machin, please reply me on my mail.
    2011-7-20 11:12:43

  • AdministratorDear Alaa, glad to get your inquiry, and thanks so much for your interest in our machines. Oh, as you could see on our website, there is a wide range of machines for making different brushes, so, if it's convenient for you, would you mind sending us an image of the brush model you intend to make, please? So that we could confirm whether we have a suitable machine to make it or not. Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated. Best Regards!
    2011-7-21 20:07:32
  • tiziano

    I would like to know the cost of the 2 AXIS NAILBRUSH MACHINE WITH SERVO MOTORS witch able to tuffting speed 5 hole per second, and I want to have more technical specification. Which is the exit or out port??
    2010-12-21 8:19:15

  • AdministratorDear Tiziano, wish you a Merry Christmas! Oh, we do apologize for the late reply. 1) The price and technical information for this machine have been sent to you by email, could you check it, pls? 2) Yes, its maximum speed could be 5 holes per second. 3) Regarding the output, it really depends on the real nailbrush model, could you send us the image of your nailbrush for confirmation, pls? Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you. Warm Regards!
    2010-12-28 20:07:40
  • Jan

    Want to make brooms,scrub bruches need quotation and can only one cnc do this?
    2010-11-2 22:07:21

  • AdministratorDear Jan, Merry Christmas! We are terribly sorry for this late reply. Oh, yes, it's possible that a machine can make both brooms and scrub brushes. Could you send us the pictures of the two brushes you want to make, pls? So that we could recommend the suitable machines to you accordingly. Cordially looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards!
    2010-12-26 23:36:23
  • vikram singh

    we want to buy brush making machine pl contact
    2010-5-4 2:58:53

  • AdministratorDear Vikram, thanks for your interest in our brush making machines, we'll reply to you by email as soon as possible.
    2010-5-5 1:39:15