Old India and Pakistan Friends Came to Check The Machines.


In the second week of October, we welcomed three very respected old friends. They are Mr shailu from India and Mr. Hammad, Mr. Mohamed from Pakistan.
Among them, India's Mr Shailu have cooperated with us for 8 years. 8 years ago, the Mr. shailu's  factory used manual brush machine, which is slower in production, in order to increase production and expand the business , he personally came to our factory  for an conferences , and  talk about the machine details face to face with us. With the help of the machine. Now shailu has become the largest brush factory in Agra, India.

Pakistan Mr.Hammad and Mr. Mohamed , from the we have cooperated with each other since 2014, they have very keen commercial smell, in the early stage of the development of automatic planting machine, they caught the trend of local brush development in Pakistan.At the beginning stage, they are engaged in the trade of complete brushes, purchasing well finished brushes from Yiwu, China, and then sold to Karachi, Pakistan. Now they bought the machines and building their own brush factory in Pakistan and produce the brush by themselves. Every year, they constantly purchase new machines and expand our development.

The picture below shows Mr. Hammad's test machine, Mr Shailu and Mr. Mohamed exchange skills with the machine. Let us wish them a better and better business.

We are keep our best effort to offer the  most economical efficient brush  machine and brushing solutions to our clients all the time. Welcome to communicate with us.

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